Commercial HVAC Projects & Ductwork Fabrication

We do it
Just Right.

From custom fittings to large-scale industrial rebuilds,
Just Right provides innovative solutions.

Commercial HVAC Projects & Ductwork Fabrication

We do it
Just Right.

From Custom Fittings To Large-Scale Industrial Rebuilds,
Just Right Provides Innovative Solutions.

Why We Do it

We value the traditions and experiences of being a Local 16 signatory, and we combine that strength with diverse outlooks, experiences, and behaviors to drive innovation and efficiency.

We know the best way build trust and long-term relationships is to treat our partners fairly, perform above expectation, and work together to solve problems. We develop strong relationships with architects, engineers, owners, plant managers, contractors, suppliers, and others to deliver the highest quality product—safely, on time, and on budget.

We also believe that environmental stewardship is not a novelty, but our duty. Whether we are volunteering with the local Friends of Trees, looking to improve our recycling processes, or buying more electric cars for our fleet, Just Right always looks for ways to “green it up.”


We heat, cool, and clean the air so Pacific Northwesterners can carry on with the business of life.


We believe our actions make a difference. By embodying inclusivity and resourcefulness, we can make our community greener and more prosperous.

What We Do

Just Right Heating & Cooling specializes in commercial and industrial HVAC projects in Oregon and SW Washington. Our crew proudly belongs to the Sheet Metal Worker’s International Union: Local 16. Just Right is also COBID-certified with MBE and DBE designations in Oregon and Washington.