Faster, better, cleaner, greener.

Our ductwork conforms to SMACNA standards, and whether we’re selling it or installing it,
our ductwork always embodies the pride of craftmanship.

Send us your CAD files to get started on your custom fabrication.

Spiral Fabrication.

Decrease your duct work’s carbon footprint –
Buy local spiral elbows and oval from Just Right.

Just Right’s diversity of thought drives innovative solutions in the planning and execution of each job. We have a reputation for clever design and building efficient, long-lasting systems to our clients’ specifications. In addition, our strong relationships with architects, engineers, owners, plant managers, contractors, and suppliers allow us to deliver the highest quality HVAC product—safely, on time, and on budget.


Just Right’s spiral elbow machine is the first of its kind in the Portland-Metro area and produces elbows that meet SMACNA’s leakage standards. We produce spiral elbows from 6 to 24-inch, 45- and 90-degree angles, in short and long radius.


Just Right fabricates spiral pipe ranging in diameter from 4-inch to 102-inch from 26 to 14 gauge in galvanized metal and aluminum or stainless steel upon request, single- or double-walled.


When there’s not enough space for spiral pipe, let us ovalize your spiral and produce the custom fittings to match–from 26 to 18 gauge in galvanized metal, aluminum, or stainless steel, single- or double-walled.


For faster installation, try our companion flanges made of 18-gauge galvanized metal with TDC/TDE profile for single- and double-walled pipe.

Laser & Water Jet Tables

With our 20’ laser cutting table, we work smarter, not harder. The system minimizes scrap metal by nesting pieces in the most efficient layout possible, then the laser makes the ultra-clean cuts. For insulated ductwork, our waterjet table reduces waste and decreases risk to our employees by automating the cutting and fabrication process—all part of our mission to be faster, better, cleaner, and greener. 

Custom Fittings

When state-of-the-art production equipment doesn’t fit the need, experienced Local 16 Sheet Metal workers fashion custom fittings the “old-fashioned” way. Expect a quick turn-around and expert craftmanship when you order your fittings from Just Right.

Square Duct

We love our new Iowa Precision Pro-Ductomatic Front-End Coil Line for helping us meet large commercial orders for square duct. Unlike a more traditional plasma table, this machine leaves no scrap of metal to be recycled—making our production even more lean, and dramatically increasing our turn-around time. Contact us about becoming a part of your supply chain.